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1. Home page
2. Exhibitions
a. Current Exhibitions
b. Future Exhibitions
c. Past Exhibitions
d. Traveling Exhibitions
e. Online Exhibitions
f. Exhibition Catalogs
3. Research & Collections
a. Research Center
i About the Archives
ii. Ordering Photographs
iii. Online Catalog
iv. Finding Aids and Guides
v. Visual Materials
b. Object Collections
i. Miami Centennial Quilt
ii. Pan Am Collection
c. Publications
i. Exhibition Catalogs
ii. Books & Music
iii. South Florida History
iv. Tequesta
v. Update
d. South Florida & Caribbean History
i. Folklife
ii. Archaeology
iii. History
4. Programs & Events
a. Calendar
b. Special Events
i. Map Fair
c. Member Events
d. Adult Programs
i. Beyond the History
ii. Historic Tours
iii. Travel Programs
e. Family & Children Programs
i. Family Fun Days

Tropical Explorer Camps

1. Discovery Days
2. Spring Break Camp
3. Summer Camp
4. Winter Camp
5. Overnight Camp-Ins
5. Education
a. Educational Programming
i. Student Programs
1. Preschool-K-2
2. 3-5
3. 6-8
4. High School
5. Historic Site Visits
6. Plan Your Visit (2 mb PDF)
ii. Adult Programs
1. Beyond the History
2. Historic Tours
3. Travel Programs
iii. Family & Children Programs
1. Family Fun Days
2. Tropical Explorer Camps
a. Discovery Days
b. Spring Break Camp
c. Summer Camp
d. Winter Camp
e. Over-night Camp-Ins
6. Membership
a. Levels & Benefits
b. Membership Affinity Groups
i. Fellows
ii. Tropees
iii. Eleventh Judicial Circuit Historical Society
c. Member Events
7. Giving
a. Ways to Give
b. Annual Fund
8. About Us
a. Administration
i. Board of Trustees
b. Museum Mission/History
c. Opportunities
i. Employment
ii. Internships
iii. Volunteer
iv. Work Study
d. Visiting the museum
e. Museum Rental
f. Museum Store
g. Contact Us
h. Press Room
i. E-News
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